The JustTAP! Professional
Measuring Instructions
The Just Tap! Professional tap shoe.

The JustTAP! Professional is a custom-made tap shoe. Each shoe is constructed based on a few careful measurements of your feet to ensure a proper fit. First, an outline of each foot is drawn, and then two dimensions of each foot are measured. Please follow the instructions below VERY carefully!

You will need:

  1. Two pieces of white paper (big enough to trace your feet.)
  2. A cloth tape measure (the tape must be flexible to measure around the foot accurately.)
  3. A fine-tip felt marking pen, or rollerpoint pen.
  4. A friend (optional, but it is a bit awkward to measure your own foot!)

- > Step One - Trace your Feet ...
Take the piece of white paper and place it on a hard-surface floor (no carpets please!). Place one foot on the paper so that the complete tracing will fit. For large feet you may have to place your foot on a diagonal. Wear the footcovering (sock, etc.) that you will wear to dance in your new shoes as this will affect the measurements. Place full weight on the foot while making the trace for accuracy.

Using your marking pen, make a careful trace of the outline of your foot. Go slow! Remember how you made all of those careful hand traces in kindergarten?

- >Step Two - Measure around the Widest Part...
Place the cloth tape under your foot at the widest part. This is the area across the ball of the foot. Put full weight on your foot and look at it, you will see the widest part. Bring the tape ends around to the top of your foot and record the measurement around the widest part. IMPORTANT! Make sure you are reading the tape correctly and it doesn't twist... a measurement of 85 inches is WRONG! As a guideline, this measurement will usually be somewhere between 7-10 inches.

- >Step Three - Measure around the Arch...
Find the highest point of your instep/arch. This would be about where the knot of a pair of tie-shoes would be located. Use the skills that you developed in Step 2 to measure around the arch of your foot. As a guideline this measurement is also usually between 7-10 inches.

Repeat Steps 1-3 for your other foot.

- >Step Four - Completing the Order...
Please send us your name, address, phone number, email address,foot tracings, widest measurements, instep measurements, regular shoe size, and color selection. We need all of this information to complete your order. If you are ordering a two-tone spectator style, please be sure to specify which color you would like in the middle part of the shoe.

Don't forget to include credit card information (account# and expiration date) or a check payable to JustTAP! Payment can also be made via PayPal ( The total cost is $325 ($300 + $25 shipping) for domestic orders and $350 ( $300 + $50 shipping) for international orders. 

( Note: Large sizes ( over size 12) are an additional $50.00 due to the extra material and labor required)

Custom Tap Shoes sales are final. They cannot be returned or exchanged, so measure carefully!

Mail to:

    5 Davids Lane
    Hillsborough, NJ 08844

    Thank You!

Shipping and Handling Information

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