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Tap Dance History.. From Vaudeville to Film

This is a superb collection of rarely seen original film footage from Soundies and short films of the 1930's and 1940's. The films come from the private collection of Mark Cantor's Celluloid Improvisations Music Film Archive, a collection of 4000 preserved jazz-musicals, and from the Ernie Smith Jazz Film Collection, of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. Every selection has been carefully researched by Andrew J. Nemr of the The Tap Legacy(TM) Foundation and was selected to educate and enlighten dance professionals and aficionados. The narration adds background information on the legendary performers in this DVD, such as Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Bill Mahoney, The Berry Brothers, Slick and Slack, Juanita Pitts, and Stump and Stumpy.

PRICE: $37.00

Buster Brown's "Laura".. An Advanced Tap Routine

Buster Brown was a master dancer who was known for the speed of his dancing and up-tempo close rhythms. Even more, he was known and loved internationally for his wry, light-hearted charm, engaging modesty, boundless joy for life, and friend to all tap dancers young and old. Buster Brown's "Laura" has been a highly lauded routine by tap dancers around the world for decades. Its musical, intricate rhythms have captivated audiences and dancers alike. The dance is taught by Sam Weber who is an internationally renowned tap dance performer, master teacher, and choreographer.

PRICE: $37.00

The Dorothy Shim Sham

Dorothy Wasserman created this unique interpretation of the Shim Sham Shimmy in 1978, while teaching, choreographing and performing in Boston, MA. In 1985 and 1986 the dance was performed in New York City’s Greenwich Village in Jane Goldberg’s All Women’s Tap Show, Sole Sisters. The review of that show in the Village Voice says of Wasserman, “Lanky and casual, (DW) lays down the taps with confidence, enjoying every second of her dancing”. Gregory Hines saw The Dorothy Shim Sham and featured it in the 1989 Tri-Star major motion picture TAP, starring Hines, Sammy Davis Jr., and Savion Glover. It has been taught world wide by the master teacher/performer Dianne Walker, who has helped to make this version of the Shim Sham a classic. This instructional video will take you through the dance step by step with teacher/choreographer Dorothy Wasserman. Dorothy has been teaching tap for over 30 years and knows how students learn best! Her clear method makes this highly syncopated dance accessible to advanced beginners through advanced tappers. (DVD 88 Mins )

PRICE: $35.00

ZIG ZAG - by Rusty Frank

This DVD contains 28 chapters and was made specifically for beginners...great for your BEGINNING ADULT & CHILDREN tappers. The dance is comprised of elementary tap steps and fun eccentric moves that are easy for event the complete beginner! The choreography gets dancers using their whole body with great enthusiasm. It's great fun for all levels. This DVD contains the music track for the dance in both slow and real time tempos.

PRICE: $37.00

SWING FEVER by Rusty Frank

RUSTY DOES IT AGAIN...In this DVD Rusty present another Beginning level routine for tap. A real winner for both tap and swing dancers. It is comprised of basic tap steps and some easy and fun swing movement (Truckin' and Lindy Charleston kicks). It is a routine to get new dancers moving with greater style and energy. This DVD has 23 chapters and contains the Swing Fever Music in both slow and real time tempos.

PRICE: $37.00

Stan Kahn's EE with Sam Weber

This is another instructional DVD from Rusty Frank&Tapping With The Masters. EE" is a challenging routine in which Stan Kahn pays tribute to his friend and colleague, Louis DaPron, another master featured in our series. Louis' characteristic slides, thirds, riffs and cramp-rolls are presented here and given the Kahn touch. The routine is taught by tap master Sam Weber, protege of Stan Kahn. "We've presented Stan Kahn's most basic technique exercises previously with "Tapping With The Masters.' Here, I present one of Stan's most advanced routines, the culmination of his graded system of routines and exercises. From the intermediate to advanced levels, Stan's routines were given letter names, such as "A," "AA," "B," "BB," and so on, rising in difficulty. "EE" is a challenging routine in which Stan pays tribute to his friend and colleague, Louis DaPron, another master featured in our series. Louis' characteristic slides, thirds, riffs and cramp-rolls are presented here and given the Kahn touch." -Sam Weber

PRICE: $37.00

Bob Scheerer's "The Organ Grinder's Swing"

Taught by Steve Zee Tap Level: Intermediate and up Bob Scheerer began tap dancing at age six and by thirteen was under contract to Universal Studios. He later moved on to Broadway, and was featured in Lend An Ear, Dance Me A Song, Top Banana, and The Boy Friend. Bob transitioned to television where he became an Emmy Award winning director. His credits include shows and specials featuring Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Danny Kaye, and Barbra Streisand. Bob also did many jazz shows featuring such luminaries as Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Gerry Mulligan, and Billie Holiday. In the early 1990's, Bob created this work of sheer swingin' delight -- "The Organ Grinder's Swing." Tapping With The Masters welcomes Steve Zee (who beautifully breaks down the dance). Steve, a protege of Stan Kahn, has worked extensively with Bob Scheerer. Steve has danced with Gregory Hines and the Nicholas Brothers and has shared the stage with countless tap legends. He has been a featured soloist in the Jazz Tap Ensemble and a member of Rhapsody In Taps. Steve has performed and taught around the world and is the Executive Director of LA Ironworks.

PRICE: $37.00

Sam Weber's Billie's Bounce

After presenting the work of Eddie Brown, Stan Kahn and Coles&Atkins on "Tapping With The Masters," Sam Weber now steps out with a routine of his own, inspired by bebop tap master "Baby" Laurence and the music of Charlie Parker. This is an advanced level routine that provides lots of technical and musical challenges, as well as excellent material for use in improvising.

PRICE: $37.00


"Five, six, seven, eight!" Defines the life of actress, dancer, choreographer, and director Miriam Nelson. Miriam's life reads like a 1930's musical. While still in her twenties, she appeared in six Broadway shows. On the day she moved to Los Angeles, Miriam ran into old friend Billy Daniels from New York who took her to lunch at Paramount. During lunch, Miriam ran into another New York friend, Paramount president Buddy de Sylva, who hired her on the spot for Lady in the Dark starring Ginger Rogers. Miriam has been dancing with the stars ever since! Nelson has tapped and chassed with countless stars, including Julie Andrews, Ingrid Bergman, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, John Travolta and Billy Bob Thornton. Miriam was there for the opening day at Disneyland - Walt Disney hired her to choreograph dance numbers around the Park, including the famous Golden Horseshoe Revue. Miriam's career spans both the famous and infamous eras of stage, screen, and television. Encouraged by friends and family to recall her special "behind the scenes" moments, Miriam sorted through memories, scrapbooks and mountains of photographs to enable readers to share the excitement and anticipation, the joy and the sorrow that chronicled her extraordinary life. Fortunately, for those who love to dance and those who love to watch dance, Miriam Nelson remains an exciting part of the professional American dance scene. "You're a darling girl, Miriam, and I love you for all that you did. God bless you always, your dear friend," - Busby Berkeley

PRICE: $28.00

Gabriella's Tap Shoes

In this story, Gabriella is a precocious, clever and funny little girl who is intrigued with the sounds of tap shoes. She is determined to duplicate that sound, but is unable to find the right type of metal to place on the bottom of her shoes. With the help of her brother Steven, see how she uses her imagination to produce the sound that she wants to make.

PRICE: $14.00

Rhythms For Ruby

Rhythms for Ruby is a half hour audio book. Based on a true story, it is about a little girl (Gabriella) who has had her first tap dance recital and her friend Ruby, who is now in a wheelchair after having just come back to the school classroom after recuperating from being in a terrible car accident and losing her leg. Gabriella's tap dance teacher tells her about the famous, real life, one legged tap dancer Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates and she decides that she wants her friend to have a special leg and be able to tap dance too. With prayer, determination and creative thoughtfulness, Gabriella finds a way to help her friend Ruby overcome the obstacles of her disability. Through tap dance and with the help of Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Marsh, and Miss. Karen, her tap dance teacher, Gabriella brings the whole community together with a single-minded goal. %100 of the money from the sale of this book goes to Ruby, a childhood friend of Karen Callaway Williams who lost her leg when she was hit by a car with the intent to raise $100,000 to pay off Ruby's medical bills and aquire a special leg that matches her skin and fits properly.

PRICE: $20.00

Music Theory for Tap Dancers

What Every Tap Dancer Should Know.. Taught by Steve Zee This DVD covers the most basic, need to know music concepts for dancers. You'll learn all about 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, triplets, 1/16 notes, straight vs. swinging, bars, phrases, 32 Bar and Blues Choruses. Steve Zee breaks down all these musical concepts in a clear, concise, and enjoyable fashion, and then follows each with a simple tap exercise for you to practice. Whether you are a tap instructor or a brand new tap student, soon you'll be able to learn more quickly, have a deeper understanding of music, speak to musicians in their own language, teach more precisely, and choreograph with greater skill!

PRICE: $37.00

The Tap CD - Arranged by Germaine Salsberg

This piano music was developed as a tool for teaching and practicing so that the tap dancer can take a full responsibility for what they sound like while dancing to some very lively and catchy tunes. Kevin Cole is well known as a Gershwin pianist, and he brings a depth and joy to his compositions that make people feel happy to be dancing without being overwhelmed. The Tap CD was originally composed and put together on cassette in 1992. Many teachers found this indispensable for their their classes, and as a result, over the years I have received numerous requests for it. With its groups of short cuts at varying tempos for barre or center exercises, and 7 long cuts for across floor and combinations, it contains a jump rhythm piece, a waltz played at two tempos, and now a brand new bonus track The Ole’ Soft Shoe.

PRICE: $25.00

Tap Tunes CD - Arranged By Germaine Salsberg

A brand new CD of piano songs for tap class composed and played by world class musician Kevin Cole. Tap Tunes is a collection of all new songs including a military, a swing waltz, several songs slow enough for soft shoe and triplets, a long Broadway-style cut and a short swing combination. There are 10 new songs, and 16 cuts as several are recorded at two different tempos. All the songs are 64 bars or longer, and it’s all piano. Long cuts can be useful as extended warm-ups, across the floor, or combinations.

PRICE: $25.00

Nicholas Brothers: We Sing, We Dance (DVD)

A documentary telling the story of the Nicholas Brothers, Harold and Fayard. Includes many clips of their flash style which included diving splits as well as finely honed close footwork. Includes short clips from the films "Stormy Weather" and "Flying Down to Rio." Jaw dropping performances! Interspersed with interviews with the brothers and other dancers. ( DVD )

PRICE: $25.00

The World Is My Drum Volume 1 (DVD + CD)

The World is My Drum© Volume 1 is an instructional tap video that combines both education and entertainment. Join Mike Wittmers as he teaches you how to transpose drum notation into footwork with the help of a drum kit played at the same time by none other than... himself! From there, Mike is joined by Jason Rodgers, Melinda Sullivan and Sarah Reich - three amazing tappers - and teaches two tap combinations: one combo in 4/4 time and the other in 6/8. Finally, Jason, Melinda and Sarah join Mike as he not only teaches how to implement improv into your classes, but hosts an interactive jam session with you, the viewer! This DVD also contains outtakes, interviews and extras of both the rehearsal and filming process, a first for instructional dance videos. DVD Video and CD Audio (2-Disk Set) 63 Minutes

PRICE: $37.00

The World Is My Drum Volume 2 (DVD)

Once again, Mike Wittmers and Double Bass Productions have created a truly unique, instructional tap experience. The World Is My Drum Vol. 2© is geared for beginning and intermediate levels. In this second installment of Mike’s series, he teaches four footwork combinations set to Rock, Swing, Reggae and Latin drum grooves played by Mike’s cousin, Doug Thompson. Each combo features both beginning and intermediate variations. From there, Mike brings in Jason Rodgers and Sarah Reich to help him demonstrate two tap routines - Blues and Surf Rock. Finally, join Mike, Jason and Sarah as they play “Call and Response” with Doug on the drums, in an interactive jam session that challenges your ear training and helps build confidence as an improvisational tapper. This DVD/CD combo features extras, behind the scenes and outtakes, as well as a CD of all the music. The World Is My Drum Vol. 2 is over two hours of entertainment and education that will not only inspire beginning and intermediate levels but it will make dancers of all ages remember why they love to tap!(DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Heat - The Complete DVD

Jason Samuels Smith is playing basketball for a New York minute with a first-rate team that (surprise!) metamorphoses into a band of terrific tappers. Jason appears suspiciously on a "most wanted" hit list. His adorable, sexy mug is challenged by keeper of the flame Arthur Duncan (from TV's "The Lawrence Welk Show"). The challenge unfolds glamorously on lit stages into a dancing duel of the old-style rhythm tap and a more "show tap"--based modality. Even if you haven't followed the "look at" vs. "listen to" tap debates, you'll have as much fun as the dancers do tongue-in-cheek on the tongue-in-groove stages. Choreographer Danny Daniels, terrific at moving large groups of hoofers around, doesn't disappoint. The word "complete" has been added to this DVD because it includes not only the original 14-minute short, but also a 50-minute Jason Samuels Smith Tap Workout session, two-minute drills, an exclusive Jason improvisation, a behind-the-scenes interview with director Dean Hargrove, production stills, biographies, and a theatrical trailer. (DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Honi Coles: The Class Act of Tap (DVD)

Honi Coles: The Class Act Of Tap is a 57-minute documentary film produced by Susan Pollard, directed by Jim Swenson, edited by George Hood and completed in January 1994. This film is being distributed by VedeFilm Producers International of New York and it features historical footage of the vaudeville era in which Honi grew up, including clips with the masters John Bubbles and Bill Robinson. The slow soft shoe is also featured with Honi dancing with partner Cholly Atkins. It includes historical scenes of early Honi Coles dance numbers. The film also features performances by many current tap stars who are Honi Coles admirers.( DVD )

PRICE: $25.00

Rusty Frank and The 1930's B.S. Chorus (DVD)

The “B.S. Chorus” is a classic tap dance routine known to date back to the 1930’s (perhaps even earlier!). It is a basic one chorus, 32 bar chorus, dance comprised of four steps and a repeating break. Anyone who can already do a basic Time Step and Shuffle will find this dance a pure joy. (DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Lavaughn Robinson: Dancing History (VHS)

LaVaughn Robinson - Dancing History chronicles the artistic life of Philadelphia tap legend LaVaughn Robinson. A world-renowned Philadelphia hoofer, commentator, and teacher, Robinson’s career spans more than sixty-five years. The documentary recounts Robinson’s artistic legacy, connecting his story with Philadelphia’s rich cultural history by showing LaVaughn in performance, rehearsal, and teaching, and by recounting his life and experience. The film also features several of LaVaughn’s dance partners and students including Germaine Ingram, his collaborator for more than twenty years, and several of his students. (VHS - 27 Min)

PRICE: $37.00

Leonard Reed's "Revenge Of The Shim Sham" (DVD)

On April 5, 2004, Leonard Reed passed away. For 97 years, Leonard Reed was an amazing presence, born in a teepee and going on to become one of America's most prolific show business entertainers and producers. He has left a lasting legacy with his Shim Sham dances in both tap dance and swing dance communities through the world. In 1927, two song and dance men, Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant, took four popular steps of the 1920's, strung them together and created the now legendary "Shim Sham Shimmy" - tap dance's "National Anthem." In the 1930's, the "Freeze Chorus" was popularized. Then in 1948, while on tour with Joe Louis (the World Heavy Weight boxing champ), Leonard Reed created a simple duet variation of the dance, which he called "The Joe Louis Shuffle." In February of 1994, at age 87, Leonard decided it was time to leave one more dance and created the "Shim Sham II." But that wasn't enough! In 2002, at age 95, Leonard Reed made up his final dance, "The Revenge of the Shim Sham." This DVD is a true "labor of love" from writer, dancer, producer Rusty E. Frank. More than a simple instructional DVD of one dance, this DVD is a devoted homage to Reed's life and his life's work. In 2004, Leonard Reed passed on the torch of the Shim Sham to Ms. Frank. She embraced her role as "Torchbearer" and spent countless hours, weeks, and months on this tribute to one of America's greatest show business personalities. In addition to the two instructional sections, "The Revenge of the Shim Sham" and "The Joe Louis Shuffle" Shim Sham, Frank also included a host of Bonus Features. Among these are historical footage of Reed, recent performances of his dances, his last interview, and a beautifully edited montage by actor, dancer, and editor Gregory Gast under Reed's own song "Smile Up At the Sun" (recorded live at Reed's memorial service in Los Angeles, California). ( DVD - 92 min)

PRICE: $37.00

The Doctors of Dance (VHS)

The original, long version release of The Doctors of Dance! This historic two-hour video is available for a limited time only. Nine tap dance legends were awarded honorary doctorates in February, 2002, from the Oklahoma City University School of American Dance and Arts Management and received rousing dance tributes from some of today's finest dancers. This incredible video features the following legendary hoofers: Bunny Briggs, Henry LeTang, Jeni LeGon, Fayard Nicholas, Prince Spencer, Jimmy Slyde, the late James "Buster" Brown, Leonard Reed, and Cholly Atkins. Hosted by Anne Miller. (VHS - long version)

PRICE: $30.00

Van "The Man" Porter (DVD)

Orange Colored Sky Tap Routine instructional DVD. Great for All Ages & Skill Levels. Performance Openers or Closers, Competitions, and Just Plain Fun

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Blast! with Mike Minery (DVD)

Take off with Tap sensation Mike Minery and learn his signature style Acappella Tap choreography! The steps explode off the screen and onto your feet as Mike and his dynamic dancers perform a complete and intricate production number filled with cannons, counter rhythms, partial rhythms, and improvisation- all without music. Mike then breaks down each step, shown from the back with both counts and the names of the steps for easy learning. The material is fresh, cutting edge and ideal for students, choreographers, and tap aficionados alike! ( DVD - 30 min )

PRICE: $29.95

Percussive Tap with Mike Minery (DVD)

Mike's first video, HOOFIN", was an instant bestseller and continues to inspire tap dancers worldwide. Now, after an amazing amount of requests Mike is back to teach his much acclaimed, trend setting tap routines. Mikes dances sizzle with polish and are jam packed with enough material for years to come. Designed for intermediate and advanced dancers, an extensive vocabulary of footwork includes Over the tops, 5 count shuffles, Slides, Wings, and the infamous Minery "Shiggy Bop" !!! All the choreography is demonstrated from front and back views for easy learning. (DVD - 60 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Hoofin' with Mike Minery (DVD)

Experience the precision and pizzazz of Mike Minery from NYC as he shares with you his explosive, new Tap style! He'll teach you his snappy warm-up, percussive variations, and tap tricks with a twist. Finally, you'll put it all together with a "hoofin' routine that will burn the floor. (VHS - 60 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Funky Rhythm Tap (VHS)

Learn the latest in Street Tap with instructor Sharon Heller from New York City. Stomp along with Sharon as she guides you through a warm-up with live percussion, exercises and two full length Rhythm Tap routines for students of all levels. Join Sharon and her dancers for a hip, happening series of challenges and counterpoints. Bring your Tap up-to-date with the current stylings of the New York Tap Scene. (VHS)

PRICE: $37.00

Dance NY Tap (VHS)

In this "TAP DANCE" video, Alan &his talented dancers will teach & entertain you with three full length pieces of choreography. Each routine is designed for a specific level & is broken down into easy to follow segments. Fun, fresh and exciting choreography brought to you from the dance capital of the world...New York City! (VHS)

PRICE: $37.00

Broadway Rhythm Tap (VHS)

Learn the latest style of the NY Tap scene! Featuring 3 full length routines that combine the elements of contemporary Rhythm Tap and Broadway style. Clearly taught from both front and back views, Germaine Salsberg and her high energy dancers easily guide you through each number. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Tap Music For Tap Dancers Vol.1 "Swingin"-CD is the perfect accompaniment. It Includes the music for the video as well as 9 other arrangements (VHS - 60min)

PRICE: $37.00

Simply Tap (VHS)

Join Internationally known teacher Germaine Salsberg for your very first Tap Class- at home or in the studio ! Germaine will take you step by step by demonstrating and explaining all the basic tap moves from a Shuffle all the way to the Time Step. Make music with your feet and in no time at all you'll have advanced from one easy sound to multiple rhythms-it's all here on this tape. Color. (VHS - 55 min)

PRICE: $29.95

Tappin' Across The Floor (VHS)

Glide easily from a waltz clog to a wing as Jimmy Kichler weaves basic variations into dynamic advanced progressions. Enjoy over 30 variations which guide the student from fundamental steps to intricate footwork and rhythms. Join Jimmy and his demonstrators as he offers original progressions that are useful to the beginning student as well as the passionate professional. (VHS)

PRICE: $37.00

Tappin' Rhythm (VHS)

Ready for more? It must be time for the "time step dictionary," Charles Kelley's fast paced collection of over 50 time, breaks and combinations! Don't worry, the steps, are taught from both front and rear views making it easy to follow along for all dancers, beginner to advanced.(VHS)

PRICE: $37.00

Leonard Reed’s Shim Sham Shimmy Video (DVD)

If you’ve been tap dancing for years or are just putting on your first pair of tap shoes, you’ll be able to learn the Shim Sham Shimmy. On this video, you will see a demonstration of the dance by a group of talented and ageless (7-75!) tappers and hear an introduction by Leonard Reed himself. Next, tap dancer and preservationist Rusty Frank breaks down the Shim Sham Shimmy, the Freeze Chorus, and the Shim Sham II, using the same accessible methods she’s used in hundreds of tap classes.(DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Basics Part One - Taught by Tony Waag (VHS)

Tap Basics Part One is a perfect refresher course on various basic tap steps, and the use of a general vocabulary for tap dancers. Each step and exercise is broken down and illustrated by Waag while teaching his techniques to a private student. It contains various exercises for general footwork, useful manipulations, and combinations for practicing flaps, shuffles, thirds, heel shuffles, and crawls. It culminates with 2 very concise warm ups, taking the viewer through clearly demonstrated phrases that are easy to follow.(VHS - 48 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Basics Part Two - Taught by Tony Waag (VHS)

Tap Basics Part Two continues to explore various uses for shuffles and flaps by incorporating them into longer phrases such as shuffle ball changes, shuffle toe heels, shuffle toe heel steps, shuffle hop steps, hop shuffle steps, and the shuffle-off-to-buffalo. Also included is an in-depth break down of single, double, triple and double triple time steps, & 2 unique double time phrases! Again, each step & exercise is broken down & illustrated by Waag while teaching his techniques to a private student, culminating in 2 more concise warm ups that are easy to follow.(VHS - 58 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Rhythm Tap 1 with Steve Zee (DVD)

Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Tap! Steve Zee, featured soloist with the world renowned Jazz Tap Ensemble, presents the essence of rhythm tap with exciting routines you can really jump onto! Steve starts with a series of easy-to-follow basic, gradated exercises to get your feet moving! Next, two routines, each with its own dynamic style. The first; a combo to a medium swing beat that includes rhythm time steps, paddle and roll, slides, and a flash ending. The second routine, to a funk beat, incorporates the rock and hip-hop rhythms that are so popular in tap today. Steve infuses the video with his knowledge of tap and includes actual steps of the great old hoofers...Eddie Brown, Jimmy Slyde, Coles & Atkins, and Stan Kahn. Fantastic! A must have for every tapper! Clearly demonstrated front and back. (VHS -75 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Rhythm Tap 2 with Steve Zee (DVD)

Steve Zee is one of the top tap dancers in the USA. As a featured soloist in the internationally acclaimed Jazz Tap Ensemble he has performed throughout the U.S. including the Joyce Theater in New York and with Gregory Hines in Los Angeles. He has received a number of grants for tap choreography including one from the National Endowment for the Arts.He returns with this must-have tap video! Learn the best of the hand-getting, show-stopping, big finish steps. Don't fake it! Correct technique in wings, over-the-tops, slides, glides, trenches, pullbacks and more. Each step is presented in a complete dance phrase that you can slip into your own routine. Easy to find section headings makes it simple to fast foward to a specific step. Take your competition tap group to a new level! Wow your audience with these high-powered steps. Clearly demonstrated front and back. (VHS - 50 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Rhythm Kidz with Steve Zee (VHS)

Jump on it and Jive! This video gives your students a great way to get moving! Follow tap dancer extraordinaire Steve Zee as he teaches a styling, rhythm-based dance routine that everyone will llove! No tap shoes needed! Rhythm Kidz takes basic tap steps and adds easy-to-perform rhythmic moves for a follow-along video that sizzles with high-energy fun. Guys willl love its rhythmic challenge! Girls get a chance to shine! For beginners and beyond this video is perfect for physical education class, in-class activity, and home use. For ages 9 and up. 35 minutes (VHS )

PRICE: $19.99

Jazz Tap Ensemble USA (VHS)

The innovative, internationally acclaimed Jazz Tap Ensemble USA gives a virtuosic performance of eight contemporary pieces of original choreography, Jordu, Spoon River, Ice Breaker Boogie, Kickin It, After Hours, Playin For Keeps, Tone Poem, and Jam With Honi. Unusual use of instruments range from spoons, wood blocks, harmonica, mouth music and hand clapping, to the more traditional guitar and piano. Throughout, the taps are the central instrument for the ensemble in the integration of music and dance. Jazz Tap Ensemble USA is the first American dance company to bring this unique mix to the concert stage and has evolved a repertory of over 100 original works since its founding in 1979 (VHS - 35 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Remixed with Gregg Russell (VHS)

Popular Tap instructor Gregg Russell takes traditional tap steps and remixes them into his own unique, cutting edge style. Learn his warm-up, original variations, counter rhythms and an extended, long-play routine danced by Gregg and his partner Ryan Lohoff. Burn the floor with this high energy, innovative and coolly creative choreography! (VHS - 60 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Total Tap with Gregg Russell (VHS)

Warning! This video will inspire you to start tapping immediately. Gregg is ready for round 2 and not holding back any punches on TOTAL TAP. He shares with you an out of the box approach to everyday basics along with helpful hints on some of the trickiest steps today. This includes over 25 variations on pullbacks, wings, split tricks and much more. So go get your tap shoes, because the game is about to start & the the future of tap will never be the same. (VHS - 60 min)

PRICE: $37.00

Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus (DVD)

This two-chorus tap dance was created by Eddie Brown in the 1980s at the urging of his devoted student following. Eddie Brown called his style "Scientific Rhythm", and once you get started with this dance, you'll understand why. This dance is pure perfection, but no easy matter. Therefore, we have hand-picked tap master Sam Weber to teach and break down this dance, and he does so with great clarity and insight. DVD

PRICE: $37.00

Louis DaPron Chorus (DVD)

This DVD is near and dear to the heart of Rusty Frank, as Louis DaPron was her tap mentor during her formative years. This one chorus routine is a personal favorite of Rusty's and was taught to her by Louis when she was a teen. It is perfect for intermediate through advanced dancers. DVD Louis DaPron began as a child performer and went on to become a legendary Hollywood choreographer. In the history of tap dance, DaPron stands out as one of the true greats. DaPron's unique style was developed in the "Golden Era" of the 1930s. Louis DaPron's artistry earned him the highest recognition, respect, and admiration from both Hollywood and the dance world. Louis DaPron was Donald OÕConnor's principal choreographer. DaPron also taught and/or staged acts for Gower Champion, Perry Como, Doris Day, Roland Dupree, Vera-Ellen, Judy Garland, Mitzi Gaynor, Bob Hope, Ruby Keeler, Jerry Lewis, Ann-Margaret, Ann Miller, and Gingers Rogers.

PRICE: $37.00

Miriam Nelson's Play Piano Play (DVD))

This especially tasty 2-chorus routine, by legendary Hollywood choreographer Miriam Nelson, is perfect for intermediate through advanced dancers. Includes many Bonus Features! Archival Footage, new interview with Miriam, photo montage, and more. DVD Miriam Nelson began as a performer and went on to be one of the most sought after choreographers in Hollywood. She staged two Academy Awards shows, White House shows, and the opening of Disneyland. From 1939-1941, Miriam appeared in six Broadway shows, and in films co-created many of Gene Nelson's solo routines and coached Doris Day and his other female costars. T.V. credits include: "The Red Skelton Show," "Shower of Stars," "The Bob Hope Show," ""The Hollywood Palace," and "The Lucy Show." Miriam staged acts for Carol Channing, Ann Miller, Donald O'Connor and Jane Russell.

PRICE: $37.00

Bob Sheerer's "Am I Blue"

In 1994, movie and Broadway veteran Bob Scheerer created a new tap routine to a jazzy version of "Am I Blue." What begins as a soft shoe quickly shows off the best of Scheerer's kickin' and swingin' rhythms. The dance is taught by Denise Scheerer, and features guest performers Kristie Betz, Mark Marchillo, Rusty Frank, Miriam Nelson, and Bob Scheerer, himself. The song, "Am I Blue," performed by Jack Marshall & Shelly Manne from the record "Sounds!" is available on iTunes

PRICE: $37.00

Ernest "Brownie" Brown's Copasetic Chair Dance

Brownie's Copasetic Chair Dance was first done in Harlem, New York at the Hoofer's Club and was later made famous by the legendary "Copasetics." Ernest "Brownie" Brown, was the last surviving member of the group and, in the last 16 years of his life, partnered with Reggio The Hoofer. Together the two continued bringing the Copasetic Chair Dance with them wherever they traveled. This dance is a delight to perform as a solo, or, better yet, with a group lined up across the stage - always a definite crowd pleaser! The dance is taught by Reggio "The Hoofer" McLaughlin who formed an enduring partnership with the vaudeville and Cotton Club legend Ernest 'Brownie' Brown. While Reggio continues to teach and perform across the U.S. and abroad, Reggio is based in Chicago where he works with the Old Town School of Folk Music, The Chicago Department on Aging and Global Roots Out-Reach which serves children in low-income schools.

PRICE: $37.00

Passin' The Buck & Wing (DVD)

In this TWO-PART DVD for Intermediate/Advanced tap dancers, Josh Hilberman celebrates the classic tap style, Buck & Wing! The first part includes break downs of 8 basic steps, passed on to him by his late mentor, vaudevillian, Joe "Buck and Wing" Stirling. In the second part he presents a how-to method for learning TEN advanced wing combinations. He is accompanied by long-time collaborator, Paul Arslanian on piano. Josh breaks down each step with views from the front, side and back. This DVD has 85 minutes of action-packed instructional footage and has been given rave reviews by legendary Brenda Bufalino. (DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Coles & Atkins' Slow Soft Shoe (DVD)

Coles and Atkins were the quintessential "Class Act," setting the standard for elegance in the world of tap. Their most outstanding number was their "Slow Soft Shoe." What set their dance apart was the seemingly perilous slowness of it. Each step was executed in graceful symmetry that was absolutely breathtaking. Never before had such precision and style been brought to this tempo of soft shoe. The Coles & Atkins "Slow Soft Shoe" became a favorite world-wide. Now you can learn this dance - taught by tap master Sam Weber. (DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Stan Kahn Tap Dance Technique (DVD)

Stan Kahn was a tap dance master, choreographer, and teacher who influenced generations of dancers. He was born February 1, 1915, in Oklahoma City and began dancing as a child. For more than 45 years, he and his wife, Pat Mason, operated the Mason-Kahn Studios in San Francisco - a center of learning and artistry for professional tap dancers such as Tommy Tune, Sam Weber, Steve Zee, and thousands of others. Stan trained generations of performers and it is important to note that many of these dancers have gone on to be internationally renowned teachers. It is in this way that Stan's legacy is far reaching. Not only did he personally touch the lives and careers of over sixty years worth of students, he ensured the perpetuation of his art form by inspiring and training teachers who, in their turn, inspire and train others. He not only influenced the past and the present - Stan Kahn touched the future. (DVD)

PRICE: $37.00

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Vol.1 (CD)

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Volume 1, Swingin' Tappin' and Jammin' This exciting CD is arranged for professional tap dancers, tap dance teachers and students of all levels for the study and practice of improvisation and choreography. Included are a variety of jazz songs with different tempos and musical feels to provide inspiring music for tap dancing. Different song forms are performed as well as stop-time sections and a classic Shim Sham complete with breaks. These songs were arranged to give clarity to the beat and with simple arrangements for easy dancing. Practice guidelines are provided for each tune. Each track can be used for individual practice, a dance class, or a tap jam.(CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Vol.2 (CD)

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Volume 2, Smokin' -- ALL JAZZ MUSIC! NO TAPS ON CD, YOU CAN DANCE ALONG! These exciting CDs are arranged for professional tap dancers, tap dance teachers and students of all levels for the study and practice of improvisation and choreography. Included are a variety of jazz songs with different tempos and musical feels to provide inspiring music for tap dancing. Different song forms are performed as well as stop-time sections. These songs were arranged to give clarity to the beat and with simple arrangements for easy dancing. Practice guidelines are provided. Each track can be used for individual practice, a dance class, or a tap jam.(CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Vol.3 (CD)

Tap Music For Tap Dancers Volume 3, The Challenge -- ALL JAZZ MUSIC! NO TAPS ON CD, YOU CAN DANCE ALONG! These exciting CDs are arranged for professional tap dancers, tap dance teachers and students of all levels for the study and practice of improvisation and choreography. Included are a variety of jazz songs with different tempos and musical feels to provide inspiring music for tap dancing. Different song forms are performed as well as stop-time sections. These songs were arranged to give clarity to the beat and with simple arrangements for easy dancing. Practice guidelines are provided. Each track can be used for individual practice, a dance class, or a tap jam.(CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Music For Tap Dancers - Volume 4 (CD)

Hip Jazz For Hip Kids... The David Leonhardt Trio, a Shelley Oliver Production (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Music For Tap Dancers - Volume 5 (CD)

Cool Tunes…The David Leonhardt Trio, a Shelley Oliver Production (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Music For Tap Dancers - Volume 6 (CD)

Metal on Wood…The David Leonhardt Trio, a Shelley Oliver Production (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Music For Tap Dancers - Volume 7 (CD)

Jammin Out…The David Leonhardt Trio, a Shelley Oliver Production (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Original Music For Tap (CD)

Tap class just got better! Legendary Tap instructor Charles Kelley and composer Joe Cross have teamed up together to create the best new CD for Tap Class on the market. Featuring segments with extra bands for Barre, Center, Time Steps and Progressions as well as 5 full length arrangements for Routines. This CD is sure to become the new classic in studios across the country. A must for every Tap instructor or student.(CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Classic Songs for Shim Sham Shimmy (CD)

Fun-filled songs especially written for Leonard Reed’s Shim Sham Shimmy by award-winning Hollywood composer Will Ryan, are performed once with taps, then at three progressive tempos - plus an added bonus performance with full vocals by the wonderful Palm Springs Yacht Club.( CD )

PRICE: $25.00

Leonard Reed's "32 Bar Riff" (CD)

Leonard Reed was a prolific song writer throughout his life. Perhaps one of his last works was "32 Bar Riff", which he wrote especially to accompany his Shim Sham dances. As a gift to Leonard, Rusty brought into the recording studio his favorite maestro of 1920s and '30's music, Mr. Dean Mora (http://morasmodern.com). As Rusty was to Leonard's Shim Shams, Dean was to Leonard's compositions. Dean brought in his "Mora's Modern Swingtet" musicians, including the amazing Brian Atkinson on vibes. Dean Moran arranged Leonard's "32 Bar Riff" and the resulting recording is a wonderful testiment to Leonard Reed's songwriting ability.(CD)

PRICE: $25.00

Tap Jamz (CD)

Tap Class just got better! Instructor Mark Santoro has put together an exciting assortment of musical selections to enhance your tap class and inspire your choreography. Entertaining styles include: MUSICAL THEATRE, SOFT SHOE, MILITARY, FUNK, LATIN & MORE! ( CD )

PRICE: $29.95

Tap & Groove (CD)

Tap instructor Mark Santoro has compiled terrific hip tunes for Tap dancing! Great for use in class, choreography and routines. Fully orchestrated songs of original music will put a new groove into your tapping. A wide array of musical styles including Big Band, Jazz, Techno, Pop Rock, and 60s sounds.(CD)

PRICE: $24.95

Music Jam Volume 1 (CD)

A double length CD with 20 hot musical selections for Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop dancing. This fully orchestrated CD features over 50 minutes of today’s latest sounds for use in classroom and routines.(CD)

PRICE: $29.95

Music Jam - Volume 2 (CD)

This much anticpated CD has finally arrived ! Like Music Jam CD-Vol. 1, this CD is loaded with over 50 minutes of great dance music for class and routines. It also has the music for our new Routine videos, PERCUSSIVE TAP, LYRICAL JAZZ and TECHNO POP. The additional selections include musical stylings such as Latin, House, Big Band and Percussion. (CD)

PRICE: $29.95

Sam Weber - Music for Tap 1.5 (CD)

Sam Weber, renowned musician with the Jazz Tap Ensemble, presents the perfect CD for tap dancers. This collection of jazz standards performed by a jazz combo is arranged specifically for tap. It features tracks with different time signatures and tempos each with an ideal running time for tap choreography. The music is arranged with segments for tap solos with musical solos that complement, not overpower, the tap performer. Waltz, Latin, and swing tempos included among the 17 tracks (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Sam Weber - Music for Tap 3.5 (CD)

Sam Weber has prepared an eclectic collection of recordings for dancers entitled "Music For Tap". The CD offers a stylistic range of Jazz Classics, Swing, Latin, Blues, Soft Shoe, Military, Waltz, and Bebop. There are several percussion pieces in various ethnic styles which are excellent for improvisation and some of the tunes are recorded in two tempos for improved versatility. (CD)

PRICE: $20.00

Sam Weber - Music For Tap 4 (CD)

Called "The equivalent of a virtuoso pianist" (NY Times), Tap dance artist Sam Weber enjoys an international reputation and is in demand as a performer, master teacher and choreographer throughout the world. Sam has been a principal dancer and choreographer with the renowned Jazz Tap Ensemble since 1986. His "Music For Tap" albums, produced in collaboration with JTE's musical director, Jerry Kalaf, have set the standard for tap dance accompaniment. Sam's newest album, "Music For Tap 4," is all acoustic and features the diversity fine musicianship that tap dancers and teachers have come to expect. It's great for listening as well as dancing!(CD)

PRICE: $20.00

The Souls of Your Feet by Acia Grey

A Tap Dance guidebook for rhythm explorers. This guidebook is designed to introduce the intimate and rhythmic magic of America's indigenous and linguistic artform Tap Dance. Within its pages,you will find the basic fundamentals of creating a rhythmic voice. A voice grounded in hundreds of years of human history and expression.Beginners will experience the beauty of this incredible form of physical communication by experiencing their inner rhythms in the foundation of sound and rhythm structures. Experienced tap dancers will find an expansive creation tool and perhaps a new thought and a new friend.

PRICE: $18.95


The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories 1900-1955. From the vaudeville era, through the Astaire-Rogers movies, to the intricate artistry of bebop, tap has dominated American dance with its rhythm, originality, and humor. The book collects the voices and memories of thirty of America’s best-loved tap dance stars together with 200 rare theater, film, and publicity photographs. Here Shirley Temple recalls her magical duo with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson; Fayard Nicholas describes his days at Harlem ’s Cotton Club performing with Cab Calloway; Fred Kelly visits his and his brother Gene’s Pittsburgh dance studio; Hermes Pan reminisces about his work with George Gershwin, Ginger Rogers, and Fred Astaire; and, in a chapter new to this edition, Toy and Wing tell about their days as the world’s leading Asian American tap duo. Appended with the most comprehensive listing of tap acts, recordings, and films ever compiled – newly updated for this soft-cover edition – TAP! brings to life the legends of one of America’s most cherished and enduring art forms.

PRICE: $25.00

Savion - My Life In Tap

Savion Glover has redefined tap dancing, and it can never be the same again. He speaks to the world with a power and ease that has stunned and captivated millions. This exciting biography captures that essence--often in Glover's own voice--and treats readers to an inside look at his work while also providing a brief yet compelling history of tap dancing. Reverberating with the rhythm of a unique musical language, the book includes more than 50 photographs and features an eye-catching two-color design.

PRICE: $19.95

Inside Tap - Anita Feldman

This book is an introduction to tap that offers traditional and improvisational instruction for the beginner as well as new and innovative material for the intermediate and advanced dancer. It reviews the basics, such as choosing shoes and floors, and then progresses through the roles of creativity and musicality, rhythm, dynamics, and syncopation. Traditional tap dance steps such as the Shim Sham Shimmy, Over-the-Tops and Through the Trenches are given as well as contemporary tap. With easy-to-follow descriptions of steps, INSIDE TAP takes tap from the realm of nostalgia to the cutting edge of art.

PRICE: $19.95

Leon Collins Tap Routines ( Complete Set )

The Joan Hill System of Tap Notation ( tap-a-scat-a-matic-be-bop ) inspired by the works of Leon Collins. According to Ms. Hill prerequisites for understanding this notation system are the ability to read music rhythms, and the ability to move your feet, including toes and heels. Complete set of ten booklets (nine routines including the new #77, plus the notation primer). Each booklet is spiral bound.

PRICE: $200.00

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